Samstag, 30. Oktober 2010


When in Norway while it's raining be aware of it coming from everywhere at the same time, not only one direction.
In Germany the rain comes from above, sometimes with a little wind it's not going down straight, but essentially only from one direction.

One point to Germany:
N 0:1 D
Now i start with the "real" blog i wanted to write: I want to compare Norway and Germany, just the little things about life that get to my attention. Afterwards I will give a point to one country, the winning country.

Donnerstag, 14. Oktober 2010

HA... who would have considered that? I haven't...

There you are, and it's not even 21.30 yet. What's up?
You won't be able to guess what happened to me today. The most amazing thing ever. The advisor of the theological departement had a information meeting for all student that take Bachelor with two subject. I didn't even know about the meeting, but one of the guys i was learning with told me about it. I went there, it was only me and another girl, so it got quite personal. We both told what's going on in our subjects. I told him, that I don't want to become a teacher and that I was quite occupied with Hellenistics. And he is like: "Oh, you only need the Hellenistics lesson if you wanna become a teacher!!"

Wow, that's awesome! You must be the happiest person on the planet right now!!
Of course I am happy, but at the same time it's disconcerting! I was so ready to so this, being there every morning, the lesson being quite like school. While I have to make a new timetable and have many different kinds of lessons and homeworks now. And some of the classes started already this week, so I will have missed the first lesson already. I don't feel 100% comfortable about the whole thing yet, but give me a good nights sleep and the world will look brighter again.

But still, I can see that it eased your mind!
Yes, that's true. It would have been about 3-5 hours of homework every day and little life besides studying. And every monday there would have been a test about the stuff we'd have learned the week before that. No need for that. No german grammar test on monday either. Life will be different! Today I was able to have some more of the skandinavian classes I wouldn't have been able to study same time with Hellenistics.

How was that and what did you take?
First I was at a tutorial with a native speaker in norwegian, he has very nice dialect! We talked about things, Stuttgart 21, police, why we learn norwegian, where we have been traveling... Really nice. I think I would have taken it even with Hellenistics, because it's not much homework and no credit points anyway.
Afterwards I was at the "Interskandinavian audio-understanding". The teacher is danish and speaks danish. Quite hard to grasp what he says sometimes! Today we listened to something a norwegian author said, so that was quite easy for me. We'll see how it turns out when it's danish!

What will you be doing tomorrow?
First I will go to the Hellenistics class...

... why ever that? You could sleep in!!
Well, yes I could. But I am learning so much about german grammar there, and I like it. I won't be writing the test paper with them on monday, but tomorrow I will be there.
Afterwards there's something called "Propädeutikum" first day and I will talk to the advisor again, which classes to take.
Well, goodbye for now, and hope to see you again soon!

Thank you. Have a nice evening!

Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

"Life" at university...

Soo, now that I have NO time at all, I start a new blog. Kind of strange, but I have a good reason. There's so much to do all day, that I really don't have much time to be social - both real-life and virtual. Like this I can keep everyone who's interested up to date (as long as it lasts)...

You say, that you have no time at all, that must be exaggerated!!
Wow, I'd love it to be exaggerated, but no it's true. I get up, go to university, 90 minutes Hellenistics (Historic Greek) lesson, afterwards I stay there to do homework and try to get all the stuff in my head until the next day. Some days I have additional lessons, like today, my free time today was: Bicycling to theological department, bicycling to skandinavian department, bicycling back to theological department, bicycling home, eating dinner, and now half an hour before sleep!

Wow, that sounds really like a lot of work!
Yes, it definitly is. The other students go and eat together, just having fun, while I have to sit and learn all day. And I can already expect it to be like this the whole term and the holidays. So no holidays for me the next time.

Aww, I thought you where planning to go to Norway pretty soon!
Yes, I was. I was planning on going in february or march, but with all the Hellenistics I won't be able to go. If I am good - which I hope - I'll be done with Hellenistics by march, if i am not so good, I'll be done by juni/juli.
But I have to plan long-term. If I am done by march, I can take up classes and be done with more stuff earlier. I want to study abroad as well and I have to get as much as possible over with.

And now, thank you for today. I want to write a letter to my sister, who has birthday tomorrow. Because I have no time to visit her, even with my parents driving there anyways :(